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News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 17, Number 12               March 2, 2015

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ACE Hardware
This is kinda my good news story today

      Well, they tried very hard and even had a buyer ready to move in, but some last-minute details with the plaza owner spoiled that smooth transition. So the store is now closed. 
But wait!

      I learned today that the ACE Hardware name will remain at that location with new management and, to the extent possible, the same personnel to help us find those off-beat things that so many homes in Sun City Center need. The only downside is that it will take several weeks to get the store re-stocked and set up the way the new management wants it. 

Card Tables - $2.00
    The CA is retiring about 30 card tables that have been in use for years in the various meeting rooms.They are sturdy but some may have a slightly stained top. A cloth cover would hide such imperfections.
These are full-sized tables selling for $2.00.
They can be picked up Tuesday or Friday.   
First come, first served; no reservations.
Go to the Maintenance Room at Community Hall and 
Press the button by their door next to the stage stairway.
Have your money in hand; exact change only
Carry the table(s) out with you and take it (them) home.
TUESDAY (March 3) from 1–2 p.m.  or
FRIDAY (March 6) from 1–2 p.m. 

Construction is Almost Finished 

     THE CA Announced today receipt of all Certificates of Occupancy and water permits from Hillsborough County for the new buildings on North Pebble Beach Blvd.  The Samaritan Services organization moved into their new building next to North Course Lane this past weekend, and the Apple Users Group will start moving in this week.  The Photo Club and dance and exercise clubs should move shortly. 
    The Information Center and History Society will move from their building at 1002 Cherry Hills Drive after FunFest, most likely the 1st of April.   

Daylight Saving Time 

     I swear it gets earlier and earlier each year, but we should move our clocks ahead one hour this coming Saturday night.

 /John Bowker

News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 17, Number 11               February 28, 2015

Do Not Be Alarmed
Gun shots in town at 1 am?? 

     20th Century Fox is filming a feature movie in Sun City Center and, weather permitting, some of the outdoor action will take place this next week, March 2-6.
     The tentative shooting schedule will be from Monday through Thursday if the weather cooperates; first alternate dates will be Tuesday through Friday.

     Monday, March 2:  Interior and exterior shots of a house on Hacienda Drive will be filmed at night.

     Tuesday, March 3:  Filming in the woods on the old North Lakes Golf Course behind that house.  During this period, there may be gun shots fired (all guns use blank ammunition).

     Wednesday, March 4:  Filming at and inside the Hacienda Drive house, and more action in the woods just off the old golf course; any gunfire will use blanks.

     Thursday, March 5Indian Wells Avenue will be closed off with the assistance of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputies.  They will generate fake fog (mist) and testing of fog and lighting may occur throughout the weekend and into the next week.  The street scene on Indian Wells Avenue will run from about dusk to 1 am.

Note:  Between scenes, residents will be able to drive on Indian Wells Avenue, but once a scene starts, you will have to wait until that scene is finished.
     Equipment trucks will be placed on Thunderbird Ave for the filming days. They will have security guards posted at night.  Their base camp and crew parking will be at Friendship Baptist church on El Rancho DrivePlease feel free to call the Locations Department with any questions or concerns:
Guy Balson at 727-642-9700   or  Andreas Zachai at 813-789-9071        (Thanks, Carol!)

What Is It All About?

      I am told that this will become Tim Burton's new movie 'Miss Perigrine's home for Peculiar Children' - a juvenile fantasy film. (Please don’t ask me why there are gunshots in such a film!)
     If you have driven over that day during the past week or two, you may have noticed their pre-production work, and from the looks of all the construction vehicles and materials, they have done some set-building on the course between El Rancho and Hacienda Drives. Homes on Indian Wells will have temporary street lights; trees have been cut around old golf course restrooms and storage facility near the little retention pond.   (Thanks, Sylvia!)

Private Note to Howie

     Howie, you will well recall a year or two ago when 3 or 4 of us sat together discussing what use might be made of the old golf course .. all 185 acres of it .. if it ever became available for any kind of use.

     We never thought of making it into a movie setting.  I would love to know who invented this remarkable idea of filming here.

 Take You Out To The Ballgame

      We are interested in learning about your interest in the baseball spring training here.  There are several professional teams holding games within an hour's drive and we are curious about the interest of Sun City Center residents in all that activity.
     If you are planning to attend any of the spring training games during the next month or so, please send a note to Kai Rambow at  If you are going as a family or group, even better!  Kai is a writer for the monthly News of Sun City Center and News of Kings Point.      Oh!  I will remind you of this later on, but The Sun City Center Men's Chorus has been invited by the Tampa Bay Rays to sing the National Anthem at Tropicana Field on April 23 when they host the Boston Red Sox.  It would be best to go to Tropicana that day to see and cheer our people on!  That game is scheduled for a 7:10 pm start.  Quite a kick.   (Thanks, Bob!) 

Maybe this program on Tuesday will help

          Want to help cut down on the dreadful scam crime rate in town?  The problem is that most of the people who need to be warned are not on email.  Hillsborough County is very aware of this, and knows the residents of Sun City Center are prime targets.
     On Tuesday, March 3, their investigators will come to tell about scams targeting seniors. The meeting is open to the public, and will be held at the Temple Beth Israel, 1115 Del Webb Blvd. from 1 – 3 p.m.  If you can bring a neighbor who you fear might be a target for some of these tricksters offering help but only wanting money, it would be a kindness. 

And, in closing, 

  • Would you like to follow up on the “Transportation” meeting at the Southshore Library last week?  County Commissioner Kevin Beckner will hold one-on-one meetings with residents on Thursday morning, March 5 from 10-noon at that library. You might find it more satisfying to tell him directly of your suggestions. No appointment is needed.
  • Daylight Saving Time; Spring ahead.  Yes, we change to summer time Sunday morning, March 8, at 2 a.m. or, at my house, around half past 8 Saturday night.
  • Want to watch a lady work with bubbles?  It is like a magic show because I do not know how she does it:
  • Last week I sent you a drawing of the new South Bay Hospital building showing how it will look from highway 674.  One of my readers said he could not get that picture.  If you did not see it, let me know, and please tell me if you were reading eNEWS on a smart-phone, tablet, etc.
John Bowker
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News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 17, Number 10              February 20, 2015

Hospital Expansion
South Bay to add 26 Rooms

     This is the latest artist’s rendition of changes now planned for our South Bay Hospital.  The expansion will be built over what is now the parking area in front of the existing building (shown as the back part of the building in this drawing).  A new parking lot will be built in the area now occupied by the Sun Hill Medical Center – that is the building just to the east of the hospital.  The existing Sun Hill building will be demolished to make room for that parking lot.
     I expect we will see work starting here in early May and I am told the new facility will be opened in August, 2016.  There will be no interruption in services at the hospital during construction.  When finished, South Bay Hospital will have 138 beds for patients.

So who is buying that corner property?

     My incoming email has been jammed with your questions about what new business will be going into the property at the intersection of US-301 and SR-674.  
     I started to reply to a few, but it became overwhelming.  So quite contrary to one of the main reasons I started eNEWS -- and that was to quell rumors -- I have decided to share with you a few facts, and a few more rumors.

Fact One:   There was no sale or closing or announcement about any new owners of all that property this week as had been reported in the press.

Fact Two:  Sale of the largest part of that property will be held next Friday, February 27, according to reliable sources.  I will hang around there that day and see if any buyer announcement is forthcoming.

Fact Three:  The piece of property occupied by the Copper Penny restaurant and its associated ‘Wooden Nickel’ business was sold some time ago and the building is to be demolished; work has already started.  So our earlier information about the ‘corner property extending from Boggs to the Copper Penny’ was exaggerated.

Fact Four:  the Boggs Jewelry business will move to the far end of the building in the Kings Crossing Mall where the Cadence Bank, UPS and other businesses are located. Dr. Tschida’s dentistry business has already moved to one of the four new office buildings just to the north (behind) the Publix supermarket.

Rumor One:  The property where the Copper Penny stood is too small for a substantial business because of county regulations that now call for a retention pond on such acreage.  In fact, they are now collecting bales of sod there so I believe they will simply cover the empty lot over with grass and make it look nice.

Rumor Two:  The rumor I passed along to you on January 20th about a WaWa store going into that corner property turned out to be wrong.  BUT maybe not as wrong as I thought.  We could sure use a gas station at that intersection, and WaWa has some attractive properties of that type.  I wonder where else they could build near there.

Rumor Three:  Yes, I hear mumblings about Lowes coming into this area and the US-301 corridor is certainly an attractive site. I know Lowes has expressed interest here what with all the new housing construction going on.  There is a lot of property between Walmart and the Valencia Lake development so we should watch what happens along US-301 there.

And, in Closing,

  • The Ruskin Elementary School is having a “Field Day” on Monday, March 2 and they need some volunteers to help setting up the activities, explaining the rules of the games to the children, and then cheering the children on for an hour or more between 8:15 and 12:30.  The field day will be held at the Ruskin Recreation Center, located at 901 6th St SE in Ruskin.  Sounds like a fun morning; please let Maureen,, know of your interest.
  • The World’s Almost Largest Garage Sale will be in the Kings Point Borini Theater, the Banquet Room, the East-West Social Room and the Craft Room.  Friday, February 27 from 4:00PM to 6:00 PM  for Kings Point residents and their guests, and Saturday February 28 at 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM for everyone.  Over 110 tables of great bargains.  Refreshments are available.  Please use the Visitor’s entrance to Kings Point and tell the attendant you are going to the Garage Sale.
John Bowker
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News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 17, Number 9               February 17, 2015

Parking on Cherry Hills Drive
    We knew it was coming; the county NO PARKING signs went back up today along Cherry Hills Drive from North Pebble Beach to just beyond the existing Information Center at North Course Lane. 

     There were significant complaints voiced this morning at the monthly club leaders’ meeting about automobiles that have been parking in the Golf Cart slots next to the long Arts and Crafts Building.  There may be nothing illegal about that, but it is certainly discourteous, and people who park a full sized vehicle along there will soon start to receive notices reminding them to be a good neighbor.

Hookers in Sun City Center
Situation may be growing 

    Lee Hurford is one of several (rug) hookers here in SCC who would like to invite more people to join her and establish a Club.  The group now meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month (February 18 is one of those! Is that today??)
     In fact, the topic at the February 18 meeting is "Introduction to Rug Hooking".  It will be held in Lee’s home at 806 LaJolla Ave from 10 am to 2 pm.  Everyone should bring their own lunch – coffee and tea is provided; men are most welcome. 
     Interested individuals should call Lee at 908-902-5917.

Looking for work?

     Debbie Caneen has a wonderful weekly newsletter that often includes job openings of all sorts.  You can get on her email mailing list by sending your email address to her at  Her most recent listing showed:


                              1.      Car Drivers (Days only-Weekdays & Weekends)
2.      Bus Drivers (Days only-Weekdays & Weekends)
3.      Security (all 3 shifts) – No experience required-will be happy to train.

PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON: 231 Courtyards Blvd., Sun City Center.

Plans for FunFest

     Our annual Town Fair (FunFest) will take place on our Central Campus on Saturday, March 21.  The campus will be entirely devoted to that event in one way or another.  For example, the campus will be closed for regular activities starting Thursday, March 19 and will not re-open until Tuesday, March 24 after everything is returned to normal. 

New Fire Hydrants

     The county warned us about this at a public meeting in November, and I see now they are actually starting to install the new (yellow) hydrants at several places in Sun City Center.  This is part of a year-long program to improve fire protection in neighborhoods that don't have a sufficient number of fire hydrants by today's development codes. An additional 173 new hydrants will be installed and nearly 4.5 miles of new 6-inch water pipeline will be constructed to support the new hydrants here.

  • Construction will take place on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM and should be completed within one year.
  • The work will involve heavy equipment and excavation, and will generate normal construction noise.
  • Access to businesses and residences will be maintained throughout construction.
  • In some areas, traffic lane closures may be necessary.
  • Most construction will be in the right of way; however, at times it may be necessary to work on private property with prior approval. All areas affected by the construction will be restored.   

     Where are the new hydrants going?  I have an aerial view of Sun City Center with little circles showing where the work will be at and click on “eNEWS” at the top of the opening screen; then scroll down to the bottom of that website page.

The New Softball Field

     There was a Re-Opening Ceremony this morning at the Softball Field on Weatherford Drive on the South Campus.  Players there have noticed in recent years that the soil and surface conditions, particularly of the infield, were causing ball bounces that were unexpected –
a potentially dangerous situation.
     So they worked with the CA to design, fund and implement a new softball diamond there.  The ribbon cutting was at 8:30 this morning with a good and appreciative crowd in attendance.  It is a “first class facility” according to reports at this morning’s club leaders’ meeting.  You will see and read more about this in The News of Sun City Center coming out on February 28.

  And, in Closing,

  • Deputy Sheriff warns about continued threats of penalties from IRS and even from TECO.  He warns that any serious issues with either organization are not going to come to you by telephone.  In fact, any organization calling you to send money to clear up a problem is a scam.  You can always verify that statement by calling our sheriff’s non-emergency number, 242-5515, if it happens to you.
  • If you are selling your house, and your Realtor puts a coded lock on your front door for your use or by other Realtors, you might ask when the lock’s entry code was last changed.
  • It changes by a few minutes each day, but note that sunrise occurs just after 7:00 am these mornings and sunset is shortly before 6:30 pm.  Golf carts in Sun City Center are not allowed out before sunrise or after sunset on county streets.

/John Bowker

News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998  
Volume 17, Number 8               February 11, 2015

Parking on Cherry Hills Drive

     The county has been most gracious in allowing us to continue our parking on Cherry Hills Drive even though all the new parking spaces are open for us.  But we should be on the lookout now for those “Parking Permitted” signs to come down in the next week or so and be replaced by “No Parking” signs.  
     And yes, I know that golf carts can park in spaces marked off for larger vehicles, but the opposite isn’t true.  For 8-10 months we have been parking our cars in golf cart spaces by the Arts & Crafts Building, and that has created some narrow driving space in front of that building.  So I expect to start seeing windshield signs urging you not to do that if you park your car along there.
     The parking area serving the Information Center will soon be opened; we are waiting for a county Certificate of Occupancy before allowing anyone to enter that building (or the other new buildings) so that small parking lot remains closed.

Construction Wrap Up

      We are all anxious to see the whole Central Campus area get back to normal with no construction trucks or cranes in sight.  The open property just beyond North Course Lane (the remaining part of the 5 acres given us by ClubLink) has now been sodded in part and seeded where that was more feasible.  We are hoping the county will grant the Certificates of Occupancy in the next week or two so we can go in and outfit the rooms in the new buildings for their intended uses. The library addition and its bathrooms will need more time to finish.
     Work on Community Hall will include roofing, flooring, updating the bathrooms and a general improvement to its inside appearance.  The parking areas will be re-examined to see if improvements there can be made. 
     The softball field at the end of Weatherford Drive will be officially re-opened with ceremonies on Tuesday, February 17 at 8:30 am.  Its infield has been re-sculptured so bouncing softballs will now take a predictable bounce.  It was becoming a safety issue there.

Rusty Sidewalks

     Does the sidewalk in front of your house appear to be rusting?  The president of the Greenbriar HOA, Joe Elam, wrote me the following:
     One problem that many of us have is cleaning our “rusty” sidewalks. One solution that has been brought to my attention is cleaning it with Oxalic Acid. You can go on the web to and order Oxalic Acid.  We’ve been told you can order a 3 lbs. container for about $20.00, it’s a powder.
You add 8 oz of the acid per gallon of very hot water and make sure it’s dissolved well. Load it in a pump-up sprayer.
    First wet your sidewalk with a hose, then spray with the chemical and rinse off after 20 minutes. For really bad rust you may have to repeat. As with any product use caution and read all the warning labels first. Everyone who has used it is very pleased with the results. 

Fitness Center Changes

     New exercise equipment will be installed tomorrow, February 12, to replace the old (red series) apparatus that was sold to a company that restores old equipment. It had really filled its useful life of some 20+ years here.  Once again we have the finest center for keeping ourselves ship shape in the area.
     I expect there will be a little confusion during the installation of equipment tomorrow but they seemed confident at the CA Board Meeting this morning that it can all be done in one day.

Lawn Bowling Open House

      The Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club has been busy this year with the National Championships right here in town, and refurbishing the greens. 
     They will be hosting an Open House on Saturday, February 21 between 10am and 2pm at its Central Campus Greens. Everyone is welcome to drop by and try a hand at bowls with some expert guidance from club members and local champions. They will have live demonstrations, free (BBQ) lunch, refreshments and prizes. Please wear flat soled shoes; all other equipment will be provided.

And, in Closing,

  • I called two doctor's offices in Sun City Center to learn that the measles inoculations are only for children; there are no inoculations for adults.
  • Our Community Manager, Lyn Reitz, reported this morning that we now have 10,640 people in residence here at the end of January.  That compares with 10,487 residents here a year ago this month.
  • CA Treasurer, Neil Rothfeld showed that there were Transfer Fees for 33 homes received by the CA in January – that is a bit more than we had expected, so our 2015 budget is still looking good.
  • I understand that all the equipment has been installed in the Arts & Crafts Building for Internet Wi-Fi service; they are now waiting for the connections to be made by the utility company to begin service.  The Community Association is now taking over responsibility and the costs for providing Wi-Fi to the buildings on our Central Campus and Community Hall from the Computer Club with great thanks to the Computer Club for getting so much set up and kept operational for several years.
  • Do you remember the diesel fuel spill a week ago on North Pebble Beach not far from our library?  The county cleaned that up quickly but now we learn that the fuel ate into the macadam paving so badly that the county road crew will have to come back and redo a section of the north bound lanes there.  They haven’t set a schedule yet, but just looking at the condition of that street you can tell that they don’t dare let it stay like it is too much longer.  Their work will close the two north bound lanes for a short time when it happens
  • Do you remember the “Quacktacular” event last year?  (yes, you have never seen so many plastic ducks in one pool before!) This morning the CA Board approved another similar fund-raising event by the Campaign Against Human Trafficking to take place for 3 hours on our main pool on April 13.  I will have more on this as the date approaches.

/John Bowker

News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 17, Number 7               February 3, 2015

AARP Tax Aide Program
      The Sun City Center Tax-Aide program is once again open and celebrating its 26th year of doing free tax returns for the residents of the Greater Sun City Center area at the United Community Church at LaJolla Avenue and North Pebble Beach Boulevard. This AARP Foundation affiliate, with an all-volunteer staff of local residents assisted more than 6,000 people during last year’s tax season!
     If you want help preparing your taxes, the program local coordinator, Marilyn Wilson, says to bring photo ID and Social Security cards or Social Security statements for all persons mentioned in the return, including dependents. Bring a copy of the death certificate for any spouse deceased in 2013 or 2014, and a copy of any Power of Attorney if you plan to sign the return for that person.  You should bring last year's tax return, current W-2 forms from employers, 1099 forms for interest, dividends, stock sales, pensions, IRA distributions along with information about the purchase date and purchase price of any stock, etc. sold in 2014.
     Be sure to bring an accurate list of any estimated tax payments you sent to the IRS, and any potentially deductible health insurance plan premiums you or your employer paid; bring any forms 1095 or other Marketplace forms you received. Bring your check book if you want any refund deposited to your bank account. 
     Sun City Center residents should use the west portico entrance of the United Community Church, just off La Jolla Blvd near the corner with N. Pebble Beach Blvd, Monday through Friday - 9 AM to 4 PM - Walk-in service. For an appointment call 634-3502.
     Kings Point residents should use the north clubhouse Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays - 9 AM to 3 PM. Call (813) 938-8959 between 9 and 3 on MWF to make an appointment.
     Sun City Center Shut-ins and Lake Towers Residents can call 634-4200 for appointments.

Big Book Sale

      The Sun City Center Library book sale will be held Saturday, February 7, 9am-4pm and Sunday, February 8, 10am-2pm in the Caper Room, Atrium Building.
     Also, we have been added back to the Hillsborough request system as a pickup location effective immediately.  The contractor he assured our librarian, Elaine Birkinshaw, that we do not anticipate any more long-term closings as we approach the end of construction. There may be a need to close now and then but it will be scattered and for a day or so at a time, usually with very short notice.

Parking Lot Lighting

    I had occasion this week to ask our Community Manager, Lyn Reitz, about the very dark parking lot at night by the library and Security Patrol.  She advises that the front lights are tied to the new library addition circuit and TECO should be out next week to upgrade that system.  The front lights will then go on.  

Dunning Emails
If you get a message from the IRS

 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers consumers these important reminders:

· The IRS will never contact a taxpayer by sending an email, text, or social media message asking for personal information.
· If you get an email that claims to be from the IRS, do not reply or click on any links. Instead, forward it to
· If someone uses your Social Security Number (SSN) to file for a tax refund before you do, you will receive a notice or letter from the IRS saying more than one return was filed for you and you will be shown the first filing and refund.
· Immediately report the fraud to the IRS at 1 (800) 908-4490. 
· File a police report or complete an IRS ID Theft Affidavit Form 14039 and send it to the IRS with proof of your identity, such as a copy of your SS card, driver’s license, or passport.
    Record the dates you made calls or sent letters and keep copies of letters in your files.  Put a fraud alert on your credit reports: 
                                                Equifax: 1 (800) 525-6285
                                               Experian: 1 (888) 397-3742
                                                Transunion: 1 (800) 680-7289

Do Yourself a Favor
if you irrigate your lawn from a pond or well

 The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) recently established statewide regulations for homeowners, approving a Dual Check Valve as the basic device to prevent the backflow of pond and well water from being over-pressured back into the County’s drinking water system.  These Dual Check Valves are buried out of sight – not those awful looking copper things that stand up about a foot above the front lawn with all sorts of adjustable fixtures some folks have had to install in their front yards.
     A revised version of the Hillsborough County Ordinance 03-6 is being drafted for use in Hillsborough County that does not specify use of the Dual Check Valves.  The revised Ordinance will come up for approval by the County Commissioners sometime this spring. You should now contact the Commissioners to let them know what you think! Those few minutes will potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for as long you will own a home here! 
     To let the Commissioners know how you feel about this matter, go to
(Just highlight the blue part and click on it)  Once there, click in front of each Commissioner's name so that they will all receive your email message. Your Subject could be "Proposed Ordinance 03-6" and your Message could be:

Dear Commissioner, In a month or two, the Utilities Department will be submitting a proposed revision of Ordinance 03-6 for your approval. I encourage you to reject their Ordinance if it fails to specify the inexpensive, reliable, safe and FDEP-approved Dual Check Valve for residential properties with an auxiliary water system. Thank you.

     Go to Dave Brown’s website at get all the background and details.  Dave lives in Sun City Center.

John Bowker
Respond to me at:

News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 17, Number 6               January 29, 2015

Main Parking Lot Now Open

     The fencing along North Pebble Beach Blvd that has blocked off access to much of the main parking lot has been removed.  As I type this on Thursday, there is still some fencing to be removed so we can’t drive all the way through to the Fitness Center from North Pebble Beach but I am assured it is an ongoing project and they hope to have it completely open by Friday night.  Our fingers are crossed.
     The parking lot has been striped to show where we can park but you will note there are no golf cart parking spaces shown. I am told they will be added as soon as the county has issued the Certificates of Occupancy that each building needs before we can go in them. Golf carts can park in spaces marked for automobiles.

New Housing Developments

      Have you noticed all the construction of new homes in this area?  There are at least three large developments underway now. One is just across 19th Avenue from the north edge of Sun City Center, another just beyond Walmart and one just south of 674 on US 301.   
     The construction just east of Walmart will be known as Sereno.  The entry road is all built and has county signs identifying it as Sereno Bridge Blvd and, if you drive in there (I don’t recommend it because of all the heavy machinery still working there) you come to Bella Armonia Circle and Emerald Blossom Blvd.  From there the entry road continues .. literally out of sight to the north.  No houses yet, but lots of cleared land, bull dozers and workers.
     The new Lennar Homes development just south on US 301 has a dual lane entryway with median and, so far, 2 houses being built within sight of US-301.  The work on 301 has closed it down to one-way traffic for a day or two this week at the entry to that new complex.  That highway widening you see there relates only to the new entryway to that development.  Sometime in the future, US 301 will be made four-lanes-with-median all the way to the Manatee County line.

Volunteer For "Meals of Hope"
Saturday, February 7, Noon to 2 pm 

      Linda and I volunteer each year to help the Sun City Center Rotary package food for the "Meals of Hope" program.  The activity involves pouring ingredients into plastic bags, sealing the bags and then boxing them. No heavy lifting is required and there are jobs for people to do sitting down.
     This all takes place in the Borini Theater in Kings Point.  They start with a brief training session and then we all work in an assembly line to package the food. Its really a kick!  Just tell the security guard in the right hand lane at the entrance to Kings Point you are going to the Borini Theater and he will direct you. 
     Last year more than 275 people volunteered for the event and packaged more than 64,000 meals that were distributed to the Good Samaritan Mission, Beth-El Mission, St. Anne's, and the Lord's Lighthouse.  No need to pre-register; just show up at noon!  I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself and feel good about it.

 Flood Prone Areas Being Mapped

     The Hillsborough County Public Works Department has scheduled a public information meeting on Tuesday, February 10 at 6:30 pm, to discuss proposed  drainage projects for the Little Manatee River Watershed in southern Hillsborough County. Sun City Center is located within the Little Manatee River Watershed that includes the main Little Manatee River and its tributaries including Cypress Creek and others.  Cypress Creek flows well within our community and is the legal dividing line between Kings Point and Sun City Center over part of that run.
     The purpose of this meeting is to gather feedback from area residents about conceptual recommended flood control projects.
     The meeting will be held at the SouthShore Regional Service Center, 410 30th Street S.E. in Ruskin.  Just turn right at the traffic light at the RaceTrac gas station on 674 and the entry to the building is 100 yards up 30th Street from there.

Household Electronics Recycling

      Residential recycling service for electronics is now available only at the Hillsborough County Regional Community Collection Centers. Electronics are no longer being accepted during the County’s monthly Household Hazardous Waste collection events. 
     Residents of Sun City Center will only need a photo ID for a no-cost drop-off of up to five electronic items a month that contain a digital display or circuit board, including televisions, computers, laptops, mobile devices, stereo equipment, gaming consoles, VCR/DVD players, and printers. 
     Small items and appliances such as toasters, crock pots, electric skillets, blenders, phone and battery chargers, lamps, hair dryers, power tools, and curling irons may be discarded in regular trash.
     The Community Collection Center at 13000 US-41 (just north of Big Bend Road) is a self-unloading facility open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., with the exception of holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). 

And, in Closing, 

  • CA dues go up 7% starting Sunday.  If you haven’t sent your $270 per person payment to the BB&T Bank along with your invoice, send it to them Friday or Saturday.  If you have misplaced your invoice, go to the CA Office tomorrow (Friday between 8 and 3) and make arrangements to get what you will need to send them.
  • We know of a stage show where one of the actors wears wooden shoes .. only they don’t have any wooden shoes.  Do you have a pair they might borrow?  Let me know.
  • Would you like to take part in a “call me in the morning” program in town?  The idea is that you would call a person each morning just to say ‘hello’ and to be sure that person is well.  Some of the churches have such a program, but a lot of people are not included.  The question is, How to get a program organized?
  • On Tuesday next week, the Buchard Galleries will visit the Florida Room from 8:30 to 2 to give appraisals of antiques. Sign up ($5.00) tomorrow (Friday) at the kiosk in the Atrium Building if you want to have up to 3 antiques appraised. This is being hosted by our Elegant Gardeners Club.

 John Bowker
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News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 16, Number 44               November 6, 2014

New Water Pipe to be Installed

     Hillsborough County will be installing 26,000 feet of 4 and 6 inch PVC pipe in Sun City Center in 2015.  This is due to new county standards for the spacing of hydrants. 173 new hydrants will be installed here and in the Villages of Cypress Creek in the next development to our west.
     The only areas of our community to be affected lie north of SR-674.  The work will start in January; this will involve marking many properties to indicate where there are existing pipes to be avoided.  The actual laying of new pipe will start shortly after and continue through the year with an expected finish in November. After that, testing and decontamination of the new pipes will take another 2-3 months. The old pipes will remain in place filled with sand or capped off.
    The new pipes will be located 3 feet below the ground surface and will be installed using a “horizontal trenching” technique to minimize the disturbance to the surface around peoples’ homes.  At each house, there will be a connection made from the new pipe to the water meter.  They will advise home owners “a couple of days in advance” before they come to disturb your property.  The house water will have to be cut off briefly for the installation.  They assure that any driveway blockage would be finished within one day. 
     Below is a map of Sun City Center showing where each of the new hydrants will be installed; you better know your way around town because the streets are not named on the county map.  Each little green dot is a new hydrant.