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Volume 17, Number 48               November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Closings
Thursday and Friday this week

Community Association Facilities

     All buildings will be closed on Thursday.

     Offices and Library will be closed on Thursday and Friday

     Fitness Center and all other buildings will re-open on Friday

Samaritan Services

    Samaritan Services and SCC Ride will be closed starting12 noon, Wednesday,

    November 25, and all day Thursday and Friday.

County Closings

          The administrative offices of County government.

          All libraries.

          All County recreation centers, skate parks, & the Bakas Equestrian Center,

          Most regional parks will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

          The Pet Resource Center. Animal safety and enforcement officers will be on call]
          for emergencies only at (813) 744-5660.

          The animal shelter will reopen at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 28.

          Hillsborough County's Customer Service Center, (813) 272-5900.

          All Social Services community resource centers, County-operated Head Start/   
          Early Head Start Centers, senior centers and nutrition sites.

          Emergency calls about County water and wastewater service: (813) 744-5600.

OPEN - Friday, Nov. 27

           Hillsborough County solid waste collection services will resume as usual. Also,
           the Southeast County Landfill, Northwest and South County transfer stations,

           Resource Recovery Facility, community collection centers, and yard waste

           processing facilities will reopen with a normal schedule.


Community Breakfast


Saturday December 5

 This great event happens once a year a week after Thanksgiving.  The breakfast is constructed by volunteers and it is a great time to spend a few minutes maybe with people you haven’t seen in awhile.  Following breakfast, the community club rooms will be open for you to see all their arts and crafts (wonderful day for visitors) and a chance to ‘load up’ for Christmas!  The breakfast runs from 7 am to noon and the Walk continues until we are all too tuckered out.
     Say, if you would be able to help out with the breakfast that morning starting at 9 am, they could use some more volunteers to help bus the tables; with your help everything will move smoothly!  Can you help?  Please send an email to the leader of this event, Joanne Sudman, at

Free Birding and Garden Workshop

The Sun City Center Audubon and Elegant Gardeners Clubs are giving a workshop, “Birds and Their Habitats,” on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, in the Florida Room of our Atrium Building. Ray Webb, Master Birder of the Audubon Club and Teri Brockway, former Garden Club President, will provide information about the kinds of plants and habitat that will attract birds to your property.
     Ray will discuss the birds you might see at various seasons, and how to identify them. Teri will point out the plants that bring the birds to your yard. A representative of Sweet Bay Nursery will be there with 30 to 40 native plants for sale, many that are recommended by Teri.

     The workshop begins at 9:00 a.m. and will last one to two hours, including time for refreshments.  It is free and open to the community.   

Golf Cart Shuttle Drivers
at South Bay Hospital

There is a need of Golf Cart Shuttle Drivers for the South Bay Hospital.  If you are 21 years of age or older, have a valid driver's license, and complete the Driver’s Safety Course given at the Volunteer Services office, they could use you.
     There are openings for Monday through Friday (morning and afternoon). Volunteers would circle the hospital’s parking lots and scout for visitors and patients to shuttle to and from the Emergency Room/Main Entrance. This is an outdoor role driving a multi-passenger golf cart provided by the hospital.
     This volunteering can be done in short shifts if they get a good base crew of volunteers in place.

     Please contact Paula at 813-634-0187 if interested in becoming a Volunteer.

And, in Closing,

  • On Thursday, December 3, Jeff Merry of our County Sheriff’s Office will conduct “Operation Medicine Cabinet” in the main driveway to Community Hall at 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd.  You can bring all your expired medicines, including prescriptions and liquids (sealed in a plastic bag at the very least) along with syringe needles.  Be sure to alert the person who takes your bag about any needles.  No appointment is needed; they do not keep a record of what you give them.
  • We understand that, effective January 1, 2016, you will need a tax statement of your residential property to use the very convenient Wimauma waste site that I described in a recent edition of eNEWS.  (Thanks Gloria!)


John Bowker
Write to me at

News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998

 Volume 17, Number 47               November 17, 2015

Vote for CA Board members

By December 2, along about midnight, I may be able to tell you who has been elected to the Community Association Board of Directors. (Last year it was closer to 1:30 am but we had 9 candidates; this year we have 5.)  You can vote right now if you feel you have enough information; there was a ballot in The NEWS of Sun City Center (be sure you do not vote for Bob Black who withdrew from the race after the paper was printed) and all you need do is drop your completed ballot in the big ballot box at the entryway to the CA Office at 1009 North Pebble Beach during their office hours, Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.
      If you do not have a ballot, you can request one from the receptionist at the CA Office and fill it out right there.  Be sure you have your CA ID Badge with you.
     The “official” voting times, where you go in and register vote in the usual way with an elections clerk (who will then hand you a ballot) will be on Tuesday, December 1 from 9 am to 3 pm in the Sandpiper Room of the Atrium Building, or at Community Hall on Wednesday, December 2 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Contractor Fraud

Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Merry has assembled a team to tell us what to look out for when engaging a contractor for work around our homes.  I attended one of his 4 lectures on this topic last week and was surprised to learn several of the issues that can arise with something I thought was quite straightforward.  You should at least hear one of the lectures and then you can decide just how much you want to gamble if you need work done around the house.
     Now, I expect I will say about the same thing a month from now when the Deputy covers “Golf Cart Safety and Security”.  It is no secret that there have been a number of thefts of these vehicles and some of them would have been easy to prevent, he advises.  And we are all concerned that Hillsborough County has used the word “safety” in just about every paragraph of their ordinance that permits us to use golf carts between sunrise and sunset on county streets here.  Every time there is an accident due to misuse of a golf cart we shudder, knowing that Manatee County has recently rescinded portions of its similar ordinance allowing unlicensed golf carts on some of its streets because of accidents blamed on misuse of the carts.
     Please encourage your neighbors to sit in with you on one of Jeff’s lectures.
    They will be held on Tuesday, December 8 at 9 am in the Sandpiper Room of our Atrium Building and at 1:00 pm in the Ripple Room in the Kings Point Clubhouse. The last two in the series will be on December 16 and 17; details on request.

Wi-Fi Wiring Now Installed

Community Manager Lyn Reitz announced this morning that the three campuses owned by the Community Association now have wide-band wireless installed for Internet access.  She asked that you notify the CA office if you find a place on any of the campuses where wi-fi is not available.  She also cautioned that many devices may have settings that prevent such open signals, so be sure your equipment is properly set up.

Operation Medicine Cabinet

If you have any leftover medications, please do not destroy them at home, or flush them down the drain.  The Sheriff’s Office is setting up a “drive up, drop off and leave” procedure for Thursday, December 3 from 9 am to noon in the front parking lot at Community Hall, 1910 South Pebble Beach Boulevard.
     You will not have to get out of your car; just pull in under the new portico, hand the attendant a bag with your medications .. including liquids and any syringes .. and then drive off.  No names will be asked or taken.

New Sign In Procedure

Starting December 6, anyone coming into a CA clubroom will be asked to sign in with their name, CA Number, time in and time out.  You will be wearing your CA ID badge anyway, so all that information is quickly available to you as you come in.
   This is part of the survey the CA is taking to try to get a handle on how its space is allocated to the clubs and organizations using CA facilities.  The club or organization president will be responsible for seeing that this information is collected and turned into the CA office promptly.
    Again, the survey is to determine how many people are actually using CA space. This is different from the companion need to know how many people belong to each organization along with their CA, Kings Point or Freedom Plaza identity.

And, in Closing,

  • The price of gasoline varies week by week but I was interested to see that the prices at our several stations along 674 were NOT all the same this week (and that debunks a popular conspiracy theory I have heard) and the prices here were as much as 5 cents cheaper than at corresponding stations in Brandon!  That’s a first .. at least in my recent memory.  Oh, and I notice that the Hess Station just beyond the Interstate is now a Marathon Gasoline Station.
  • Kids coming to visit?  A high spot of their time with you could well include a stop at the “Sun City Central” model railroad club display where you all can see the new ‘Spirit of Sun City Center’ train and the new scenery of the ‘Ruby Resort at Silver Springs’.  The exhibit will be open on the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27) from 1 to 4 pm, and during Holiday Walk on Saturday December 5 from 9 am to 12 noon.  If you need directions to the railroad club room, go to page 28 and find room 8, or write back to me and I’ll give you directions.
  • Resident Margaret Vaske has once again volunteered to manage the Holiday Gift Fund for support personnel of Sun City Center.  We are not allowed to tip our staff people so this is our annual way to say ‘thanks’.  You should take your donation to the CA office in an envelope and the receptionist will see that it gets into the right hands.  Make checks payable to that Fund, NOT to the Community Association. (No, our 9 Directors are not included in this fund!)
  • Have you noticed all the landscaping work underway at the corner of South Pebble Beach Blvd and Chipper Drive?  When it gets a little further along, I will have a photo for you here in eNEWS.
  • As of the end of October, we had 10,976 residents in Sun City Center. That compares with 10,725 reported to be living here just a year ago.

/John Bowker

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eNEWS Supplement
November 11, 2015

Bob Black Withdraws

The CA today announced:  “At today's Board Meeting Candidate, Bob Black withdrew from the Directors Election.  He cited personal issues as the reason. We wish Bob well in his future endeavors.”

  I spoke with Bob to learn that he has been offered a part-time position at his alma-mater, Florida Southern University in Lakeland.  His interests have really never strayed from Public Relations, particularly as it relates to advising people and organizations on achieving their goals.  He does not plan to move away from Sun City Center since he finds the drive to Lakeland takes less than an hour and his work would only require him to be there a couple of times a week.

   CA President David Floyd announced that any “votes cast for Mr. Black will be voided”.

    There are still five candidates for the three open Board positions: Mike Killian, John Luper, Lyn Mooney, Neil Rothfeld, and Jim Schwartz.

Nature Trails

In a recent eNEWS, I expressed concern that the CA might be abandoning the Nature Trail on West Del Webb Blvd.  I was reassured today that the only change is in the dissolution of a club that had been formed to support the CA in its work on the Trail.  The trail (with its several paths) is still very much in service.  The best way to get there is by golf cart; see page 12 in your Membership Directory.

Pool Regulations

There are two indoor pools in the Atrium Building on the central campus.  One is called the “Walking Pool” and the other is best known as the “Lap Pool”.  
   Today’s Board vote dealt only with the Lap Pool and dealt only with allowing children from 3-17 to use Lane One during the afternoon hours, 3-5 pm.
   The vote was unanimous to allow such use.

Tribute to Judy Schings

The CA Board this morning took a moment to pay its respects to Judy Schings who has been managing the entertainment programs brought into town for the recent years.  She is ‘retiring’ and moving to Michigan.

Meet the Candidates
Tonight at 7:00 pm in Community Hall

 Jot down your questions and leave them in the box at the meeting for the Elections Committee to handle.

 /John Bowker 
Reply to me at:

News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998  

Volume 17, Number 46               November 10, 2015

 CA Board to Vote
Rollins Theater, 9 am, November 11 (tomorrow)

Among the items on tomorrow’s agenda for the monthly CA Board meeting will be a review and vote on reinstating indoor pool hours for children between the ages of 3-18 in the indoor lap (“exercise”) pool.  This would match the current hours at our outdoor pool on the Central Campus for the children and will provide a little relief on cold or inclement weather days. 

   Another agenda item may prompt some discussion about the status of our nature trails in Sun City Center.  I see they will vote on the dissolution of the Friends of the SCC Nature Trails during that meeting. 

   The CA President and the Community Manager will also present an update of the state of the community as usual.  The Treasurer will update us on our funds and that is all tomorrow, Wednesday the 11th at 9:00 am in the Rollins Theater.  Be sure to bring your CA ID Badge; audience participation welcome at end of meeting.

Meet the Candidates
Community Hall, 7 pm, November 11 (tomorrow)

You will have a chance to ask questions of and hear from the 6 candidates who are running for the 3 open offices on the Community Association Board.  If you want to ask any questions of the candidates, write them on a piece of paper and put them in a basket that will be available as you enter the meeting room.  The Elections Committee will be collecting them, and sorting them to eliminate duplicates, and will then hand them one-by-one to the moderator (me!) to ask of the candidates.
  Note that we always get too many questions to ask at that meeting; I have wondered if they should be collected an put out in one of my eNEWS editions to give any candidate who wishes to respond the opportunity to write an answer.
   Be sure to bring your CA ID badge with you to the meeting.


Traffic Problems

What should be done?

Come to a sit-down meeting Thursday afternoon this week and learn more about Hillsborough County's proposed solutions to growing traffic problems and other transportation projects, such as a proposed golf cart path to Denny's and other restaurants on Thursday this week.
  The CA is hosting this ‘Go Hillsborough’ meeting on November 12th from 4-6 pm at the Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd.  There will be presentations by Hillsborough County staff followed by Questions & Answers.  Posters will be set up on the perimeter of the room for those that want to view the plan in more detail. 

Golf Cart Parade
Maybe another World Record?

Don't be late or hesitate. Get registered for the Holiday Golf Cart Parade NOW.  The Parade starts at 10:00 am Saturday, December 12, 2015. This year's decorating theme is Sun, Sand, and Surf. Registration forms and instructions are available at the CA office right now; no charge for taking part in this event. 

   There are three juried categories:

   Individual; 10 prizes ranging from $800 to $100

   Clubs/POA's HOA's non-business groups; 5 prizes ranging from $800 to $100

   Businesses; 3 prizes ranging from $300 to $100

   Special raffle for decorated carts that start and finish the parade, 5 prizes ranging from $400 to $100.  You have to be present to win a raffle prize, and winning a juried prize does not preclude you from winning a raffle prize.
  Registration check-in, staging, and judging starts at 8:00 am.  Minto's 5th Annual Winter Festival that includes music and entertainment, food, holiday shopping, a pet contest, and more starts at 11:00 am and runs to 2:30 pm. 
  Any questions should be directed to Jim Schwartz at 633-0346.


Your Health is Paramount

The CA has again arranged with Walgreens to provide flu shots in the Caper Room of the Central Campus Atrium Building next week Tuesday, November 17, from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.  You should have your medical insurance cards with you.

And, in Closing,

  • Had a note from our community’s long time friend Kelly Emerson. He says that he and his compatriot Gary are doing a Reunion Show at the Bandstand on Cherry Hills Drive from 2–4 pm on Sunday, December 6.  Those of you who remember Kelly and the KEGG music will especially want to attend to say hello.
  • If you learn that a delivery company is going to leave you something you really were not expecting, but they need you to be home because there is some wine or other alcohol in the delivery for you, tell them you won’t be home.  When the delivery arrives, they will point out that there is a small ($3.00 or so) charge due to the alcohol that is included…and no, they can’t accept cash so you need to use your credit or ATM card.  The little machine they carry jots down all your numbers and even your PIN .. and, within minutes, it can pretty well clean out your whole account.  (Thanks, Shirley!)
  • If you wondered why you have not heard from me lately, it is because the mail delivery system I use (“dodo”) was experiencing some problems.  I am hoping it is back with us again today.


John Bowker
Reply to me at: 

eNEWS Supplement

October 27, 2015


Don’t Forget !
This is a busy week


      MEMBERSHIP MEETING – CA Members only

  • Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28, 7 P.M., Community Hall
  • Hear all about the 2016 budget and changes in community policies
  • Questions from the audience of the Community Association leaders
  • There are only two of these Membership Meetings each year
  • Be sure to bring your CA ID Badge to the meeting.

     SAFETY MEETINGEveryone is Invited

  •  Thursday this week, October 29, 9 a.m., Florida Room in Atrium Bldg
  •  Sponsored by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
  •  Learn all about protecting your home from intruders and fire
  •  Medicare information
  •  Hear what TECO says about the safety of home electrical systems
  •  Please call 242-5515 to let them know you’re coming.


Want to be a Community Leader?

Well, how about a Community Helper who gets a good meal?  Turns out that there are still some leadership positions open for the big “Holiday Walk” pancake breakfast on Saturday, December 5.  You might help cook the pancakes or make up the servings of coffee or sausage.  The tables will need constant and immediate attention so, as one group gets up to leave, there is someone there to clean the floor and table cloth or even the cups.  Everyone working together makes it all fun.

Decorated Golf Cart Parade

The season’s big one is December 12 !  The parade is scheduled for that day, rain or shine.   The decorating theme this year is Sun, Sand, and Surf (one or all).  Thousands of $ in prizes and raffle prices for just participating in the parade from start to finish.  You should register your intent to join the parade with the CA at 1009 North Pebble Beach Blvd any weekday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

And, in Closing,

  • The Audubon Club calls attention to the lack of song birds in Sun City Center and, working with an energetic Boy Scout Troop, has built and is installing special birdhouses for bluebirds.  There will be a nice write up in The News of Sun City Center you should receive in your mail on Saturday.
  • Standard Time returns on Saturday night .. set your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday. 
  • So remember!  Sunset will be just after 5:30 pm starting Sunday evening, and the golf cart regulations prohibit golf carts on our streets after sunset.  The good news is that sunrise will also be an hour earlier!  But be aware; the number of daylight hours shrinks each day by a few minutes until December 21.

/John Bowker

News of Greater Sun City Center by email

Founded in 1998

Volume 17, Number 45               October 22, 2015

Backflow Valve Issue Resolved

On Wednesday, the 21st, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commisioners         approved the revised Backflow Valve Ordinance.  Among other things, it relieves  all homeowners in the County (including over 1,000 homeowners and HOA's in Sun City Center) who pump their irrigation water from a pond or well, from having to purchase and install and then annually test and maintain an above-the-ground backflow valve.  The vote of the Board was unanimous.
     The county’s action was, in large measure, the result of information provided by David Brown of Burlington Circle here in town, and his heavy participation in county meetings on this matter over several years.  Thank you, Dave!

Your Old Medications

It is very important that you not throw your old or unused medications down the toilet because the processing plants that handle our sewage cannot remove some of the most dangerous chemicals. Your waste is re-circulated to the bay or aquifer for ultimate reuse as potable drinking water.
   On Friday, November 6, Deputy Jeff Merry will be conducting an “Operation Medicine Cabinet” for the disposal of all unused medical supplies.  In fact, he will accept your old needles too – but be sure to warn him about any needles.  Put it all in a sealed plastic bag so there won’t be any bits, pieces or fluids leaking into his container.       Just come to the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church parking lot at 1239 West Del Webb Blvd between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. that day.

Home Security Issues

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is presenting a seminar on your personal security, Fire Safety, TECO Safety, and Medicare Information on Thursday morning, October 29, from 9 a.m. to noon in the Florida Room of the Atrium Building on our Central Campus.  EVERYone is invited to this county event but you should RSVP to (813) 242-5515 because space is limited in that room.

    If you need directions, let me know;

Huge Garage Sale
(I only mention such things once a year)

The World’s Almost Largest Garage Sale will be held in the Kings Point Veterans Theater, the Banquet Room and the East-West Social Room on Saturday October 24 at 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM  (There will be a sneak preview on Friday (tomorrow) from 4:00PM to 6:00 PM for Kings Point residents and their guests.)  Over 100 tables of great bargains.  Refreshments are available.  Visitors should use the far right lane at the entry gate and tell them you are going to the Garage Sale.

Men’s Club Health Meeting

"Male Call for Prostate Health" will host its next meeting Monday, November 9th, at 2 p.m. at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd., West.  Our speaker, Dr. Kosj Yamoah, will cover "Prostate Seed Implantation:  Perspective and Promise".  Dr. Yamoah is a member of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Patients, partners and physicians should attend.  Refreshments will be served.

Some Clarifications
Things we should all know

This week, Deputy Jeff Merry summarized a bunch of things for us:

  • The Handicapped Decal often seen on rear-view mirrors in automobiles is actually issued to a person, not the vehicle.  This means it can be used by the disabled person in a golf cart as well as in a car and entitles that person to park a golf cart (or any vehicle) in a Handicapped parking space.
  • Golf Carts are NOT permitted on sidewalks. 
  • Bicycles are permitted on sidewalks, but pedestrians have the right of way.
  • Bicycles on a street must be driven on the side in the direction of traffic.
  • Do you see county road work that needs attention?  You can tell Hillsborough County about needed repairs at and then just click on “Contact Us” over at the right of the opening screen.
  • Remember that the use of golf carts on our county streets in town is a privilege granted by Hillsborough County.  We must be sure not to abuse that grant by driving irresponsibly; traffic rules apply to golf carts and bicycles.  Manatee County has recently rescinded their golf cart privileges in a few areas of accident-prone streets and intersections.
  • Jeff’s series of talks in November will focus on Contractor Fraud.  I will have the schedule for you in my next edition.

Holiday Gift Fund Drive
(This is for Sun City Center residents)

If you or your club uses Community Association facilities, you receive service from our Maintenance Department and office staffs.  We have a committee that is soliciting donations for the 2015 Holiday Gift Fund Drive at this time.
  For our newcomers, this fund was set up as a "Thank You" to our office and maintenance staff.  Donations are a gift from you and have no involvement with the Community Association. In 2014, the committee distributed funds collected from 100 clubs, 18 HOA’s and 6 individuals.  (No individual tipping is allowed per our Community Association guidelines.)

   Drop off cash or checks  payable to "HOLIDAY GIFT FUND" at the CA office by December 18.   Call Margaret Vaske if you have any questions at 633-6756.

And, in Closing,

   I was sorry to learn that Eleanor Eberhardt passed away in late September.  Some will recall that she and her late husband donated significant funds to the CA for the construction of the beautiful building next to the Lawn Bowling greens.  The building is officially known as the Eberhardt Building.

/John Bowker

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eNEWS Supplement
Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wimauma Collection Center
For your BIG trash items

     I was delighted to learn that the large dump site in Wimauma will once again be open for dumping ANY residential waste except wet paint. While I was there this morning I saw large-screen TVs, sofas, scrap metal and wood from some homeowner’s project being brought in and dumped.
     It will be open from 8:00 am to 1 pm on the third Saturday each month and all you need is your Florida driver’s license.  If your license is from out of state, bring a tax bill to show that your trash is coming from a Florida residence.  You will have to do your own unloading once you get there.
    The Center is located just 1.25 miles up West Lake Drive - that would be a left turn as you drive into Wimauma on 674 just beyond the Circle K  gas station (where gasoline this morning was priced at $2.079).

New Amenities in Town

As you drive up North Pebble Beach Blvd, glance to your right just before you get to the new Information Center building and admire the new fountain they are installing there.  And if you pull into the parking lot for the Information Center, you will find a new paver sidewalk leading to a delightful swinging bench giving a lovely view of Swan Lake down to Yankee Island.  It is all a very nice touch for our visitors to Sun City Center and residents alike.

Backflow Valves

     Several readers of eNEWS had trouble opening the County website that provides a handy form for offering your support for the new proposed ordinance the Commissioners will be voting on this next week.  Here is a refreshed address for you to click on:

 /John Bowker
Write to me at

News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998

Volume 17, Number 44               October 15, 2015

New CA Activities Report


     The monthly CA Board Meeting covered many topics of interest to just about every CA member.  In fact, the attendance by residents was notable.


    Contrary to what some club members had understood, there are no plans to move or close any CA Club.  President Floyd made it very clear that no such action would be contemplated without thorough discussions with any club leadership and that none is presently being contemplated.

    As part of the current review of space needs and utilization, a complete inventory is underway so the Board will have a record of how much space each club has, how much space it needs and of what characteristics (some clubs need natural sunlight for their craft).  They are finding that some clubs need more space, but how to satisfy that greater need is not even under serious discussion at this time.


     Due to changes in State law, the Board has opted to say that no club or organization using CA property is allowed to include the price of alcoholic beverages in their ‘entry tickets’ for any event.  There is no restriction on allowing club members to “BYOB” (bring their own bottles of wine, etc.) to a club event.   
     Note that there was one event ‘grandfathered’ in – there will be alcohol served at the upcoming Oktoberfest this year sponsored by the German-American Club.

New Café

     Plans are pretty much complete for the new café to be built as an extension of the Atrium Building from the present café out toward the outdoor pool.  Bids are now being solicited and, based on early results, it looks like all county approvals and construction can be done by April, 2016.

Wireless is on all CA properties

     You will now find Internet access in the Central, South and West Campuses. The first time you sign on, be sure to select the strongest signal from the several most of us are finding, and, once that is done, your device should connect into that in the future automatically when you are in that area.

New Holiday Club approved

     This new organization plans to have a party or celebration for all occasions.  On October 31 they will hold their first annual Halloween Dance in the Florida Room from 5 pm to 10 pm with live music (5-piece band!) Costumes are optional, contest prizes will be awarded; BYOB and bring a potluck dish, $10 tickets (Info: 645-3650)

     They are planning an event on the evening of December 5 with Christmas Carols .. and then a Valentines Day Dance and a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance.

      Right in line with this new club is the plan for a new “Family Day” celebration on the Fourth of July.  The CA has announced that there will be no fireworks as we have had in the past so this new club is coming in at a wonderful time!

Wear your CA Badge

     It is increasingly necessary to show your CA ID card (or Kings Point or Freedom Plaza badges when using CA facilities even for attendance at club meetings.

New Long Range Plan announced

    CA Board Member Richard Angerosa has been working this year with residents Renee Bray, Al Demarest, William James and Joe Michaliszyn to create a review of the many proposed projects that have been discussed for years and most recently in the 2012 Resident Survey.  Their Report is in the SCC Library for your review. 

    High on their list of criteria for further action is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Sun City Center to visitors who are considering moving here.  For our present residents they look to improve the safety of our properties while adding new recreational and social amenities.  The report specifies their conclusions on some 30 projects and concludes with their analysis of three major topics:

   1. The old North Golf Course.  While not recommending any specific action at this time, they urge that the channels of communication with the owner of that property be well maintained.  The discussion in the Report should be of particular interest to the residents on adjacent properties.

   2. A casual Dining facility – a pub.  The committee concludes their analysis of this amenity by saying “this one tops the list.”  This would become a central socialization and dining area for the community and is mentioned as a lack here by visitors and by the committee’s contacts with real estate people.

   3. Additional Outdoor Pool.  Our present pool next to the Atrium Building is slightly larger than half the size of other 55+ community pools in this area.  It is also aesthetically lacking .. surrounded by buildings with minimal greenery.  How nice it would be to have a resort style pool here.  The report suggests a specific size and layout for this new amenity.

    The report also suggests where each of these new facilities might be located.

Parking at Community Hall

    Plans to pave the gravel and grass parking areas around the back of Community Hall are being abandoned after learning from Hillsborough County about the drain requirements and the costs that would be involved.  Instead of a non-porous surface, they are now considering a layer of shell gravel over those outer areas.

Six Candidates for CA Board positions

     These are the names that will appear on the December ballot for 3-year offices on the Community Association Board of Directors starting in January, 2016:

     Bob Black, Mike Killian, John Luper, Lynn Mooney, Neil Rothfeld, Jim Schwartz.

There will be an appropriate biography of each in The News of Sun City Center that CA Members will receive in their mail on Saturday, October 31.

2016 Budget

     The CA Board approved the new budget that results in no dues increase for CA members.  The amount will remain at $270 per person per year.  CA Members will vote their acceptance of the amount during the first week of December.

Arts & Craft Building Parking Lot

     The parking lot off Cherry Hills Drive for this building will be totally closed on Monday, November 2 for, perhaps, a week for upgrading.  A walkway will be kept open so we can park in front of the CA Office or over next to the Atrium Building.

Membership Meeting

     Put aside the evening of Wednesday, October 28 to attend a large Membership Meeting for CA Members only.  Open discussions are a feature of these meetings.

And, in Closing,

The Community Manager announced this week that the total resident count in Sun City Center at the end of September was 10,926.  Treasurer Neil Rothfeld reported that 41 re-sale homes were sold during September (does not include new homes being constructed and sold by Minto Communities).

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Volume 17, Number 19               April 14, 2015

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Please Greet Deputy Jeff Merry

Hospital Expansion
South Bay to add 26 Rooms

     This is the latest artist’s rendition of changes now planned for our South Bay Hospital.  The expansion will be built over what is now the parking area in front of the existing building (shown as the back part of the building in this drawing).  A new parking lot will be built in the area now occupied by the Sun Hill Medical Center – that is the building just to the east of the hospital.  The existing Sun Hill building will be demolished to make room for that parking lot.
     I expect we will see work starting here in early May and I am told the new facility will be opened in August, 2016.  There will be no interruption in services at the hospital during construction.  When finished, South Bay Hospital will have 138 beds for patients.


John Bowker
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