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Volume 19, Number 09     February 21, 2017
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Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 7:1 AM; sunset at 6:1 PM.
(Golf carts may not be on the streets before sunrise or after sunset in Sun City Center)

A New CA Office Building?

Tonight was the big meeting we have been waiting for to help us decide if we will vote in favor of a new CA office building. I was pleased to see that well over 200 people attended. 
     The spokesman tonight was Jonathan Moore the CA’s representative who has been assembling the pieces about renovating the existing building or building new.  His presentation was a collection of slides showing data on how the selection was made for the architects, the construction contractors, and an analysis of whether to construct a new building or renovate what is already there.


1)   The cost of renovating the present building would come to $935,000 including a 10% contingency fee.  There are 10 specific items that would need to be done to upgrade the physical structure and to meet new ADA requirements that did not apply when the existing structure was opened.

2)   The cost of building a new structure to be located at the same place as the existing building to meet the administrative needs of the CA would be $1,550,000 including a 10% contingency fee.

3)   A new structure would fit in the same area as the present building.  The present inside space was shown as 5,722 sq. ft. and the proposed building would provide 6,425 sq. ft.

4)   In both cases the costs cover the actual construction costs; furnishings would be an extra expense.

5)   At this time the CA has about $1,100,000 in its Capital Fund account that would be applied to this project.  It was pointed out that our experience over the past couple of years shows that we receive net Capital Fund fees for some 30-35 homes a month at $1,800 each, so the needed $450,000 would come to us in 7 or 8 months.  The CA goal is to remain debt free.

6)   Voting (yes/no) on constructing a new office building will be done:
 March 14 and 15 – details to come shortly
 You can pick up a ballot next Monday at the CA Office
 The News of Sun City Center will have ballots in the edition you should receive on Saturday, March 4.

Pickleball Courts

We learned today that the sidewalk around the Pickleball courts on our South Campus next to Community Hall will be finished over this next weekend and that the lights for after-dark play are already up and ready to go.  The courts are being re-numbered and all should be done by next week.

Parking at the Arts & Crafts Building

Parking this time of year around the Arts & Crafts Building is at a premium; parking out on Cherry Hills Drive will cost you over $100 if the Sheriff sees you.  So please only park next to the Arts & Crafts Building only if you are attending an event in that building.  Otherwise, please park in the lots around the Atrium Building.

And, in Closing,

  • Crystal Lagoon Community.  Add those words to your vocabulary.  Word has it that 2,500 Crystal Lagoon dwelling units may be built east of the new Wawa site along 674 in Wimauma on a new lake; homes from $250K with no age restriction.  How big is that?  Well, Sun City Center has about 6,400 dwelling units, and Kings Point has around 5,500.
  • CA Members shall, at all times, be granted preference in participation in club activities.  Short term renters may participate in CA Club activities at the pleasure of the club. That point is clarified in CA Policy V., page 5, paragraph 6 on the CA website, 
  • If your new 2017 Membership Directory is delivered wet during a rainstorm, go to the CA office at 1009 North Pebble Beach and get a dry one. 
  • If you want a room in any CA building for your club or organization meetings in 2018 you must have your club membership list in to Claudia by next Tuesday, February 28.  Claudia’s office is in the main CA Office Building at 1009 North Pebble Beach Blvd.
  • Just in the past couple of weeks, two readers have mentioned their dismay at the number of cigarette butts being left on their properties by folks who are just passing by.  I refuse to lecture my readers .. but I come awful close sometimes.

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News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998

Volume 19, Number 08     February 17, 2017
Save paper by only printing out the .pdf version of this newsletter
Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 7:04 AM; sunset at 6:22 PM.
(Golf carts may not be on the streets before sunrise or after sunset in Sun City Center)

IRS Scams

Each month, our Community Resource Deputy presents information on various topics. This month his topic is about the IRS and the many things that can go wrong in our dealings with them.  I was particularly pleased with his comprehensive coverage of what you and I should do if, for example, you file electronically and have your filing bounce because someone else had already submitted a Federal return in your name.  He points out that it will probably take a year or so to get it all corrected, but if that happens to you there are a number of ways to take action.
     His last talk on this matter will be next Wednesday, February 22, in the American Momentum Bank on South Pebble Beach Blvd at 3:00 PM. 

North Course Activity

I was pleased to see some lawn trimming activity this week on the old North Course golf property. ClubLink brought in a company wanting to test out some new equipment for mowing large lawn areas and everyone agreed that there is no better place than the North Course!  (Thank you, ClubLink!)
     I also learned that there is enhanced maintenance work being done on the golf carts used by players on the Sandpiper Golf Course.  That came up in our discussion about rumors of reducing the number of holes at Sandpiper. “There are no discussions about closing or reducing the number of holes at Sandpiper” I was told by a ClubLink official. 

The CA Office Building

Among the biggest topics in town this spring will be the need for new office space for our Community Association operations and staff.  We will be asked to vote on this project in March and it will involve the expenditure of maybe a million dollars or more.
     The meeting in Community Hall at 7 PM on Tuesday, February 21, will provide all the options, the costs and a first-hand report by the architect(s), construction people, project supervisor, and the CA board that will be signing the papers for us. 
     Please come to hear all about it and to get your questions answered.

Be Prepared

This is a tough one – Planning for one’s end of life.   Is your family aware of your desires?  There will be an open meeting by the local RN Club and other organizations on Tuesday, February 28, to help with this.  You will see a video that introduces what is needed, and then there will be an open discussion among attendees to tailor each person’s needs to the broader topic.  Community Hall, 10 AM, Tuesday, February 28.

And, in Closing,

  • The CA Offices and buildings will be open next Monday (Presidents’ Day). The banks and post office will be closed – no mail delivery.

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News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998

Volume 19, Number 07     February 10, 2017

Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 7:10 AM; sunset at 6:17 PM.
(Golf carts may not be on the streets before sunrise or after sunset in Sun City Center)

Parking on CA Property

    We had some awkward moments last week when people left their cars parked overnight on Community Association Property.  Several cars were towed.
    I know it is not well posted, but just so you know.  You must have advanced approval of our Community Manager before parking on any of the CA parking lots overnight.  You can write to, or take your request to the Community Manager, 1009 North Pebble Beach Blvd with an explanation of why you need to park there
overnight.  Be sure you have approval from the CA office before just assuming you can park there.

Open Board Workshops

Starting in March, CA Members will be able to sit in on a Briefing Workshop with the CA Board of directors on the Monday morning prior to the monthly Board Meeting.  This will offer a direct line of communication between the members and the Board to get things out on the table before the formal votes are taken at the monthly Board Meetings.
     The first of these Workshops will be held in the Board Room
at 1009 North Pebble Beach at 9 AM on Monday, March 6.  (An earlier date mentioned publicly was cancelled.)

Most Important Meeting

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, February 21, in Community Hall starting at 7 PM.  The topic will be all about the replacement of the existing CA Office Building at 1009 North Pebble Beach Blvd and its wing that was used by the Security Patrol for years.
     All of the principals (architect, contractors, CA Board) will be there to tell their plans and to hear from CA members in attendance of their concerns or suggestions.  Refreshments will be offered by Ambreen starting at
6:30 PM before the meeting starts.
March 14 and 15, there will be a referendum (vote) for CA Members to say “yes” or no to construction of a new office building.  The wording on that referendum will be determined by comments at this February 21 meeting.  Please plan to attend.

Golf Croquet

Never heard of it?  Come play (or, at least watch!). It is another great sporting idea for Seniors (and others). The local club is having open play and free lessons in golf croquet at the lawn bowling green right behind the library every Friday and Saturday morning about 9 and 10 AM  and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 1 PM.  Players just need flat shoes that aren’t too ‘grippy’ to the lawn; the club has the croquet equipment.  For more information write to Rick Czachor at

Are You Paying Too Much in Taxes 

Hillsborough County provides some exemptions for seniors to lower their property taxes by hundreds of dollars per year.  Several of these exemptions must be applied for before the end of February.  See the first two items at " but then do yourself a favor of clicking on others that may interest you!  (Thanks, Dave!)

Scandinavian Food

 The February program of the Scandinavian Club of Sun City Center will center on a show and buffet of authentic Scandinavian-style open-faced sandwiches made on-site. The sandwiches will be sold with coffee, tea, soda, or BYOB and musical entertainment.
     Come to the Eberhardt Building (next to the Lawn Bowling greens) on
Wednesday, February 22 starting 2:00 pm. Residents of Kings Point and Sun City Center are welcome and admission is free. Please make your attendance reservations by Friday night February 17 with Elsa Lang-Ree at 633-7502.

Fine Art Showing

There will be an art showing next Friday, February 17, 2 – 6 PM at the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce.  Hors d'oeuvres and spirits will be served. 
     It is a free event featuring the paintings of Stuart Dwork., a very talented artist.  In 2011 Stuart created the first Star Spangled Art show, an event held at Carrollwood Cultural Center featuring artworks of many veterans including wounded veterans.
     This event is being sponsored by the Military Family Support Trust (MFST)   Information at

Pickle Ball Court Upgrades

It was announced this week that the light poles for the Pickle Ball Courts will be going up shortly (may be up now, in fact) and the lights will be re-directed as originally planned for evening play. The sidewalks around the courts are being put down and, perhaps most importantly, the courts will be re-numbered one through five. 

And, in Closing,

  • Another reader called the nationwide number of a local bank but the person had to transfer the call to get the requested information.  But instead of getting a second bank employee, a promotion for a wonderful cruise came up! This gets more involved than I have space for, but, BOTTOM LINE, just hang up if something extra-ordinary ever happens to you on the phone when dealing with even well-known companies.  (Thanks, Marianne!)
  • And okay, so you don’t normally dispose of your used medications as I suggested last week.  But you will still be able to dispose of your Unused pills and all that other stuff you cram into your medicine chest in the bathroom by wrapping them up and taking them to the Sheriff’s “Operation Medicine Cabinet” on the morning of Friday, April 7th.  No Needles, please, but I can give you more on that if needed.
  • Shredding will be available to all CA Members on the morning of Tuesday, March 7 from 9 to noon in the parking lot on North Pebble Beach Blvd near the Security Patrol.
  • At the end of January, we had 11,063 CA residents in Sun City Center; there were fees for 34 resale homes received for the CA Capital Fund during January.
  • Are you planning to run for an office on the Community Association Board of Directors?  The applications are available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM at the reception desk at 1009 North Pebble Beach Blvd. You have until February 24 to apply.

/John Bowker       Write to me at: