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Volume 20, Number 08                Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 6:55 AM; Sunset at 6:29 PM.

Golf carts on Sun City Center streets between sunset and sunrise are subject to a fine of $168Golf Cart drivers must be at least 14 years of age


The Fix It Club and the Bike Club are joining forces for a Bike Maintenance Workshop on Thursday, March 1, starting at 3:30pm in the Security Patrol building. If you need directions write to me at

      Learn about changing a tire and fixing a flat; inflating your tires; essential bicycle tools and equipment; adjusting the seat, handlebars, and brakes, and installing a handlebar rear view mirror.    Questions? Please contact:


The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay have teamed up with The Men’s Club of Sun City Center to sponsor the “Don’t Be Scammed! A Free Consumer Protection Forum,” which will be held on Tuesday, March 6 at Community Hall, 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd. The event is open to the entire Sun City Center community.   There is no charge for admission and no tickets required.

Doors will open at 8:30 AM with free coffee and donuts for attendees. Every attendee will receive a free raffle ticket and Jeff Merry of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has procured several attendance prizes to be raffled to attendees throughout the morning.  The first drawing will take place before 9:30 a.m., so don’t be late.


  8:30 AM  Doors open with complementary coffee and donuts
  9:00 AM  Welcoming by Joe DeFelice, Men’s Club President and Richard Rios on behalf of
 the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
  9:05 AM  Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister
  9:15 AM  Andrew Sekela, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  9:40 AM  Bryan Oglesby, Director, Public Relations, Better Business Bureau
10:05 AM  Carl J. Reschke, Lieutenant, Florida Bureau of Insurance Fraud
10:30 AM  Rock Roque, Florida Department of Financial Services
10:55 AM  Jackie Calloway, ABC Action News Consumer Reporter
11:20 AM  Deputy Jeffrey Merry, SCC Community Resource Deputy, County Sheriff’s Office
11:30 AM  Program Adjourns

The speakers will provide pertinent information to residents on the scams and frauds that target seniors in our community, and will suggest ways to protect us from becoming victims. 
For more information, contact Art Smith, at 813-634-2576

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Constructive News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 20, Number 07      Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 7:01 AM; Sunset at 6:25 PM.
Golf carts on Sun City Center streets between sunset and sunrise are subject to a fine of $168
Golf Cart drivers must be at least 14 years of age


Golf carts should be registered in Sun City Center.  Yes, it is a voluntary act, but when a golf cart turns up missing or is found in a strange place, the Sheriff’s Office and Security Patrol can determine where it belongs.  During the registration process, you can have your cart inspected if you want (at no charge) to be sure the lights and brakes are working, or you may have overlooked some tire trouble needing some attention.
     This spring, golf carts can be registered on Wednesday and Thursday, March 21 and 22 from 9AM to 2PM in the parking lot of the Redeemer Lutheran Church on Valley Forge Boulevard.  This service is free and is available to everyone.


The new 2018 Directories (telephone books) are now being distributed door to door.  You should have yours within a week.  A goodly number of CA and Kings Point Staff people and others helped put it together.      The cover shows an active Pickle Ball game and that’s good, but the names of the four people shown playing the game were omitted.  From left to right they are Neal Nightingale, Lynn Seevers (having just hit the ball you can see in the picture) and, in the foreground, we see Linda and Bob Monahan.  This has been a fast growing sport here and all around the country.
     You can watch the game on courts next to the 2020 Building in Kings Point or next to Community Hall on the South Campus of Sun City Center at 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd.


Nominations are being accepted by Hillsborough County in 10 categories designed to recognize individuals, groups, and organizations that have enriched the quality of life in neighborhoods through outreach, improvement projects, volunteer work, safety programs, art, partnerships, or community leadership. The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. on Friday, March 16.
      Neighborhood groups may nominate themselves, other groups, and/or individuals for their efforts to improve the quality of life in Hillsborough County. Each nomination should include supporting information, such as samples of promotional material, website links, photographs, news clippings, and letters of support.
      The winners will be announced at the 15th Annual Hillsborough County Neighborhoods Conference on May 12 at the Sheraton Tampa East Hotel, 10221 Princess Palm Avenue in Tampa. Winners must be present to accept the awards.
      For details about each award category, eligibility requirements, nomination forms, and instructions for completing the applications, go to and click on the “Neighborhood Recognition Awards” button, or call (813) 272-5860

How Will the New Tax Law Affect You?
Free Lecture a week from today

Are you wondering how you will fare with the recent tax changes?  There are important changes to standard deductions, allowable itemized deductions, tax rates, etc.  Hosted by the Community Church College with speakers Paul Sponseller, Certified Financial Planner and Harold Cowen, Certified Public Accountant, you’ll get the information you need with time for questions and answers included.
    The free lecture will start at 2:00 PM in the Hospitality Hall on Wednesday, February 28th at the Southshore United Church of Christ, 1501 La Jolla Ave, Sun City Center, Fl.  No advance registration required; information at 634-8607.

Building Construction

As reported last week, the construction of the new CA Office building at the corner of Cherry Hills Drive and North Pebble Beach is right on schedule with lots of inside work left to be finished.
     They plan to remove all the fencing around the building by the 3rd week of March but we should beware of warning markers at the back side where there is still some digging for underground telephone and electrical wires will be installed as the Internet connections are completed prior to the formal opening in early May.

Is Your Spouse Safe?

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with SafetyNet to better respond to calls for service of missing adults and children with special needs who may wander from home.  Residents enrolled in SafetyNet wear a small personal transmitter around their wrist or ankle that sends out a tracking signal. If the person goes missing, the caregiver notifies their local SafetyNet agency and a trained emergency team responds to the wanderer’s area.
     To learn more about SafetyNet and how to obtain a personal transmitter, go to:

And, In Closing,

  • I was sorry to learn this week that Community Service Aide Debbie Vijil is leaving us.  She has been running Deputy Merry’s local office for nearly 5 years.  She told me her home is almost 40 miles from here and she has found a position in a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office more like 14 miles from her home.  She will be missed.
  • A lady in town has been collecting Time magazine covers for decades!  She is now looking for a good home for them.  If you would like to have this remarkable set of sheets, get in touch with Alice at 633-1054; she lives on Wolf Laurel Drive and would love to hear from you.
  • We heard once again today that 19th Avenue that runs from US41 to US301 just north of our own Route 674 will be doubled in width, but there is still no plan to provide an interchange for access from that street to I-75.  In fact, the budget includes widening the existing overpass bridge where 19th crosses I-75.  I am not clear on how that will relieve traffic on 674 but the speaker seemed optimistic.  There is no plan to widen 674 but a number of intersections along that road will have lengthened exit lanes.

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Constructive News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 20, Number 05      Friday, February 9, 2018

Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 7:11 AM; Sunset at 6:16 PM.
Golf carts on Sun City Center streets from  sunset to sunrise are subject to a fine of $168
Golf Cart drivers must be at least 14 years of age


On Tuesday, February 20, three executives from the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa will outline the services to be offered at the new VA Clinic in Riverview at a public meeting at the Trinity Baptist Church on Del Webb Blvd West from 2 to 4 PM.
    The new 50,000 square foot South Hillsborough VA Clinic will be about six miles from Sun City Center; a shuttle bus will be in service from Sun City Center to the new clinic.  Primary care services, women’s primary care, home-based primary care, mental health, audiology, radiology (MRI, CT, ultrasound, x-ray), specialty care, physical therapy and a pharmacy lab will be described.
     There will be information about in-home and nursing care for Veterans and spouses, and about existing federal and state Veteran benefits. Mental health services and spouse benefits will be outlined at this meeting. It is all sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the South County Coalition on Mental Health and Aging.
     There will be an open question/answer period.


A gap has developed in the past few years with overwhelming scientific evidence being dismissed as a mere “belief”.  A substantial fraction of the general public has begun to disregard carefully constructed scientific studies on matters such as Darwinian evolution, climate change, and vaccine-induced autism.
     On Monday, February 12 Professor Phillip Leto of Discovery University will take a look at this at a free lecture in the Caper Room of the Atrium Building at 7:30 PM.  Any resident of CA or Kings Point interested in science and technology is invited to attend this lecture. There is no cost for admission to this monthly meeting of the Science, Engineering and Technology Club.

And, In Closing,

  • I checked my Vial of Life in the door of my fridge; it was out of date.  I know the Emergency Squad goes to that first thing if there is an ambulance call to my home so please tell your readers to make sure it is up-to-date.
  • While checking out of Walgreen's front checkout counter, I noticed over the cashier a bunch of glasses, sun glasses, keys, garage opener, key chains hanging on her clear plastic wall.  She explained they had been left by shoppers.  (Thanks, Holli!)
  • I am hoping you will attend my free illustrated show a week from now on Saturday, February 17 on the History of Sun City Center; Community Hall, 1910 South Pebble Beach, 2:00 PM. Why was this community started here 57 years ago, and all about the key development highlights over the years.  Light refreshments will be offered.   

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