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Founded in 1998
Volume 19, Number 31    Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 6:42 AM; Sunset at 8:28 PM.
(Golf carts may not be on the streets before sunrise or after sunset in Sun City Center)

CA Office Building On Schedule

Jonathan Moore, our representative on matters relating to the new CA Office Building, reported to the CA Board today that all the underground plumbing and electrical work has been completed, and the main concrete flooring slab was poured this morning!  That means we should start to see some vertical construction shortly at the corner of Cherry Hills Drive and North Pebble Beach Boulevard.

John brought a sample of the material they will be using on the walls. It is a double layer of Styrofoam (with remarkable thermal characteristics) and where John is pointing the space will be filled with concrete to give incredible strength.

Bus Transportation

It appears that the county is planning to cut back or eliminate the bus line running from Sun City Center to the Brandon Westfield Mall. They tell us it is not being used and should be discontinued.  I now have the full schedule of their daily runs available for you; just write for it at
     If you find the bus useful, please come to a meeting next Tuesday, July 18 at 1:00 PM in the Kings Point Banquet Room.  The HARTline people will be there to explain their problem and to hear from us.  Just keep to the right as you enter Kings Point and tell the guard you will attend the county meeting on the bus schedule.

Sudman Honored

CA Secretary Sam Sudman will be awarded The Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award at the 14th Annual Neighborhood Conference to be held on Saturday, July 15 at the Sheraton Tampa East. Sam has been a resident of Sun City Center (SCC) since 2004 and served on our volunteer Board of Directors for the last 7 years as a Member, Secretary and Vice-President.  He provides direct liaison to Hillsborough County for the Community Board and its residents.

Have Your Bills Come On Time?

Assuming you are still receiving some of your bills in the mail, you should jot down what day of the month each one of them arrives.  If, later on, one of your regular bills does not come within a day or so of when you would expect it, you would be wise to phone that company and ask what address they have for you.
     There are too many cases these days where the ‘bad guys’ are routinely raiding your mailbox out front and stealing your incoming or outgoing mail. They can then tell a credit card company to change your mailing address so you won’t know that they have been using your credit card number for months at a time while they run up outrageous charges!
     This same crime goes way beyond credit card charges so this warning applies to all your financial dealings that use a mail box out by the street in front of your house. Do not ever put up the flag that alerts the mail delivery people about outgoing mail.  That flag also tells anyone driving down the street that you may be mailing a check or gift card, and that is all they need to spoil the next few months of your life.

Oyster Season Is Here

Every year it is the same thing; someone gets sick eating undercooked oysters; the illness is called vibriosis.
Here are the cooking rules:

  • Throw out any shellfish with open shells.
  • Boil until the shells open and then continue boiling 3–5 more minutes, or
  • Steam until the shells open and continue steaming for 4–9 more minutes.
  • Throw out shellfish that do not open fully after cooking.

For shucked oysters, either:

  • Boil or broil for at least 3 minutes or fry for at least 3 minutes at 375°F,
  • Broil 3 inches from heat for 3 minutes, or
  • Bake at 450° F for 10 minutes.

And then:

And, in Closing,

  • Deputy Merry’s talks during August will focus on Internet Safety and Security. I will have the full schedule for you here in a couple of weeks; the first meetings will be on Tuesday, August 8th in the Caper Room at 10 AM, and a repeat at 1 PM in the Ripple Room in the Kings Point clubhouse.
  • There were 71 resale homes that changed hands here in June -- that is a huge number when compared with the preceding 48 months.  In addition, Minto was selling new homes in the Verona Section (off Chipper Drive).  Our Community Manager reported this morning that we now have 11,158 CA residents living in Sun City Center.
  • Community Hall at 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd will be closed starting Tuesday, August 22nd through Sunday, September 3rd.  This means there will be no Monday Night Bingo on August 28th.
  • This is a good time to think ahead to Saturday, December 2nd.  There will be a huge community breakfast that morning, followed with sales by our clubs that same day. You might plan what your club can do to capitalize on this event!
  • Interesting question raised at this morning’s CA Board Meeting:  How come they are selling houses up at the corner of 19th Avenue and US-301 and saying they are in Sun City Center.  Yes, ZIP Code 33573 extends outside our normal ‘bounds’ but I wonder how far afield our community name will extend.

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Constructive News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 19, Number 30    Sunday, July 2, 2017
Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 6:38 AM; Sunset at 8:29 PM.
(Golf carts may not be on the streets before sunrise or after sunset in Sun City Center)

Save paper by printing out only the attached .pdf version.

There are only 33 of these lots left

I had occasion this weekend to speak with the Minto people about the availability of new building lots in Sun City Center.  There are now only 33 single-family lots remaining for sale here; when these lots are sold our developer, Minto Communities, will be fully built out here.
     These lots are on Pacific Dunes Drive in the Verona area of town.  Assuming no change in their current sales experience, they don’t expect to have any lots left to sell by year’s end.
     You can learn all the details of costs and housing choices at the Minto sales center just beyond the Bob Evans restaurant off 674 near the entrance to I-75.

July 4th Holiday

Closed facilities include the post office, and administrative offices of County government, all libraries, recreation centers, Head Start/Early Head Start centers, Community Resource Centers, senior centers and nutrition sites.  The South County Collection Center will be closed.
     Locally, the CA Offices will be closed on the 4th
; the pools and Fitness Center will be open.

     But Wait!  Your day on Tuesday the 4th should start at Community Hall, 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd anytime between 7:30 and 11:30 AM.  For only $5.00 you can enjoy a full breakfast and be with friends, new and old. 
     And then, right after breakfast, CA Members should make their way to the outdoor pool and bandstand on Cherry Hills Drive for even more fun!  Best place to park? The parking lots on North Course Lane near the Atrium Building.

And, in Closing,

  • I still see dogs out running around without a leash even on the old golf course.  Please be aware that Hillsborough County requires all dogs to be under the direct control of their owner at all times and at all places outdoors unless in a fenced-in dog park.
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Constructive News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 19, Number 29   Friday, June 23, 2017
Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 6:33 AM; Sunset at 8:26 PM.
(Golf carts may not be on the streets before sunrise or after sunset in Sun City Center)


Very quietly this morning, Ambreen Esmail opened her long-awaited café in the Atrium Building.  This was really her “soft opening” so, between now and her GRAND OPENING in July, she will only be open from 8 AM to noon, Mondays through Saturdays (including tomorrow).

     But during the next two weeks, she will be training two staff members so she can be open from 8 to 5. She has plans to expand the menu .. maybe a little bit at a time.  In addition to the best variety of coffees in Hillsborough County, the posted menu today includes Golden Hash Casserole, buttered croissants, bagels with cream cheese or jam, waffles (and you choose the toppings).  She already has tuna melt and ham & cheese sandwiches, Spanish Gazpacho with bread sticks, and hot dogs.  You can also buy coffee beans to take home and brew your own.


Hillsborough County is planning to discontinue the bus service we now have that connects Kings Point, Sun City Center and the Walmart parking lot to the Brandon Town Center shopping mall.  That change and perhaps others may occur at the end of this year.  There will be a discussion of ‘south county transportation’ at a meeting this coming Monday night, June 26, at the Lennard High School auditorium in Ruskin starting at 6:30 PM.  Commissioners Stacy White and Sandy Murman will host this meeting with short presentations on the upcoming transportation plans.  There will be a Q & A period following the presentations. 

    That auditorium is at 2342 Shell Point Road, East.


Hillsborough County will be utilizing the most modern technology and equipment in its fight against mosquitoes this summer.  Mosquito Control will begin to employ the Buffalo Turbine system to safely and efficiently eliminate mosquito larvae throughout targeted breeding grounds in Hillsborough County.
      The Buffalo Turbine system uses a 100-gallon tank and turbine technology to spray non-toxic, environmentally safe liquid larvicide in both residential and commercial areas. The system uses a powerful turbine sprayer to apply larvicide into areas not possible by other spray units. It can reach distances of up to 150 feet and can penetrate through thick vegetation and trees.


Through the kindness of CEO Dana Dittmar, the Chamber of Commerce has made available a box of 2001, 2002, and 2003 golf cart parade recordings.  The History Society will make them available to anyone interested.  Leave a message at 813-633-3038.

And, in Closing,

  • Next Wednesday, June 28th, the second Golf Cart Parade planning meeting will be held in the Palm room of Old Town Hall at 1:00 PM.  All Parade volunteers working to set up the parade to be held on Saturday, December 9th should plan to attend.
  • Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the $5.00 complete breakfast at Community Hall on South Pebble Beach Blvd on Tuesday, July 4th, from 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

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Constructive News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 19, Number 27   June 8, 2017
Golf cart drivers:  Sunrise tomorrow will occur at 6:33 AM; sunset at 8:24 PM.
(Golf carts may not be on the streets before sunrise or after sunset in Sun City Center)

Save paper by printing out only the attached .pdf version.

Monday, June 12, 2017
Caper Room
9:00 AM

To discuss the agenda for the upcoming June Board Meeting.  Among the topics will be more about refinishing of the Community Hall floor that was repaired about a year ago, and details of the Fix It Club that has re-applied for approval as an Affiliated CA Club.
     The actual CA Board Meeting at which action will be taken on those and other topics will be held on Wednesday, June 14, at 9 AM in the Rollins Theater.


Recent rainfall has improved drought conditions and reduced the potential for wildfires. Residents are reminded that open burning in Hillsborough County is regulated and, where allowed, requires advance authorization from the appropriate agency.
The open burning of residential yard waste and household garbage or trash is still prohibited, but outdoor grills can be used once again.

What’s The Best

Did your homeowners group accomplish a project in 2016 that was a home run? Do you know an individual who has gone above and beyond to make a difference where they live? Brag about it by submitting a nomination in Hillsborough County’s annual Neighborhood Recognition Awards program.   Nominations can be submitted online; the deadline is June 23. 
     Let me know if you would like the program details.


Hillsborough County is seeking residents to serve on several County citizen advisory boards and councils. These are voluntary positions and members serve without compensation. If you want any information about any of these boards, let me know and I will send you the introductory details:


Yes, it has been a quiet couple of weeks on the local scene.

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Good Bye to an Old Friend
(the CA Office Building since 1982)

Community Association President John Luper signed the $1,472,395 contract with ABI Companies, Inc. this morning after the CA Board unanimously approved the plan for them to construct the new Community Association Administration Building. It will be on the site of the old CA office building next to the library on North Pebble Beach Boulevard. Funds will come from an existing Capital Fund.
     Demolition of the old building was started at the first of this month and, when all the issues about the asbestos that had been used in the original construction are solved, we expect to see the remaining wall structures destroyed by bulldozer action.

     Our project supervisor spoke briefly this morning answering a variety of questions; he hopes to have the new building ready for final inspection in April, 2018.

     In the picture above, we see Carol Donner, The CA’s Executive Assistant handing President Luper the documents and, behind her from left to right are Directors Dave Birkett and Bob Sanchez, CA Corporate Secretary Sam Sudman, and Directors Joe Elam, Helen Lewis, Jerry Gibson, Bob Sullivan, Marilyn Cote-Miller and Jim Schwartz.

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