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Volume 17, Number 19               April 14, 2015

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Please Greet Deputy Jeff Merry

Effective yesterday, our new Community Resource Deputy reported for work in Sun City Center.  Jeff Merry comes to us with some very appropriate background in white collar crime in Hillsborough County plus a decade in law enforcement in Georgia before coming here.  He is particularly interested, he told me, in scams that can befuddle seniors, and looks forward to communicating his findings to the residents while running down the local perpetrators when possible. (Thanks, Eileen!)

Ann Marie LeBlanc Room

     The new signs are now up showing where everything will be when the new buildings are finally occupied by their planned clubs and organizations.  We have known about all of them for several months, but the front part of the ‘old’ Information Center at 1002 Cherry Hills Drive will become home to the Men’s Club LifeLine organization the DAV transportation service, and the large room in the back will now be known as the Ann Marie LeBlanc meeting room.  Ann Marie was a community leader here for a decade in the early 2000s.  I’m delighted. 

And, in closing,

  • In a recent eNEWS I referred to our snowbirds in a stupid way.  In describing the more relaxed traffic situation in town during the summer months my closing remark was “but they will be back.”   Gosh.  I hope so.  We’re all in this together so I apologize for the insensitive remark.   (Thanks, Mary!)
/ John Bowker
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News of Greater Sun City Center by email
Founded in 1998
Volume 17, Number 18            April 9, 2015

Throwing Out Your Heavy Trash

     Trash disposal at the Wimauma Collection Site will be reinstated on the third Saturday each month, starting April 18.
trash, electronics, tires, and other large County residents may use the free collection site at 16180 West Lake Drive in Wimauma for disposal of bulky household items.

     The Wimauma collection site will be open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 18, May 16, June 20, July 18, August 15, and September 19. Residents may dispose of items at no charge by showing valid identification such as a Florida Driver’s License, Florida Vehicle Registration, or a utility bill.

The following items may be placed in the dumpsters:


tires (limit 5 per residence)

Items that will not be accepted for disposal:
commercial trash and debris
tree debris
commercial vehicle tires
hazardous chemicals
(Thanks, Sam!)

Deputy Jason Castillo

     For the past three years we have enjoyed a good working relationship with our Community Resource Deputy Jason Castillo.  We now learn that he is being promoted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to become an Environmental Detective beginning next Monday, April 13.  We will have more on this later.

New Flag Poles

      Two new flags will be flying over the Central Campus at the end of the month.  One will be next to the new Information Center that is scheduled to open on Monday, April 25, and the other new flagpole will be next to the “Multipurpose Building” where the Photo Club, the Apple Users Club and the Dance Clubs are now moving in next to the new Samaritan Services building on North Pebble Beach Boulevard.

New Wi-Fi Service

     At yesterday’s monthly CA Board Meeting, Community Manager Lyn Reitz announced a new agreement with Verizon to provide wi-fi service across the whole CA Central Campus.  She expects the improved access to the Internet to become available within a month.

Dancing with the Locals  

Freedom Plaza’s auditorium will be the place to be on Sunday, April 19, 2-4 p.m.  Dance performances by George H. and Bernice DuBro and dancers from her Academy Studio at the CA.  Magicians Jerome Levy and Oscar Kramer will present a magic show, and a skit written by Peggy Burgess will take place. All proceeds will benefit the Sun City Center Rotary Club Foundation’s Scholarship Program.

Damaging Scam

An eNEWS reader wrote in to report a new scam you should avoid. A company called WizTech Assist reached her by telephone and offered to provide technical support on her computer. After providing some helpful fixes to her computer the reader decided not to forward money to them and suddenly found her computer locked; she could not access anything without paying the company. (Thanks, Sandra!)

Traffic Woes

      The traffic situation on Sun City Center Boulevard has actually slackened in the past week as snowbirds have started to head north.  But they will be back this fall and, by then, some of the people in the new developments to the east and south of us will be starting to use 674 to get to the hospital and to the Interstate.  The county has been holding workshops to hear from each of us; they have been rather well attended.
     Don Lynch brought up a thought this week that we had all dismissed a year or two ago; how about a new road through the environmentally sensitive properties now in a State Park right along the southern border of Sun City Center and Kings Point that could tie into US-301 and lead directly to I-75 at Exit 240.
     I can only imagine the cries from each of the environmental groups, but as long as any plan does not include buildings (stores, etc.) along that stretch, might it not be worth another look to help divert traffic off 674??

And, in closing,

  • 42 re-sale Homes were sold in March; that makes it 103 Year to Date.
  • As of March 31, we have10,636 CA residents living in Sun City Center. 
  • New Club in Town!  International Brewers Club*.
  • Remember to attend the best run event in town each year - the Shrine Breakfast on Sunday morning at Community Hall, 8:30-1:00.  It’s a full breakfast for $5!
  • Big Book Sale this Saturday at the SouthShore Regional Library from 10 - 2.  You can get a whole grocery bag full of donated books for just $1.00 !
  • Any CA club or organization want to make some big bucks?  I understand there will be no eateries set up around the 4th of July fireworks this year.  You don’t need anything as elaborate as at FunFest .. Check with the CA before launching any big plans.

* Yes, I had it wrong too.  The purpose of the club according to Club Liaison Director Mike Killian is to promote fellowship, comradeship, education and support for men and women who enjoy international coffees and teas.

John Bowker
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eNEWS Highlights
from earlier editions

Room Requests for 2016

     The Community Association has sent out instructions and forms for all clubs and organizations to use in organizing meetings in any of the CA meeting rooms on the Central or South Campuses.  Some of the key points include (1) there are no automatic renewals of room assignments from last year, (2) only room requests signed by the organization’s current president will be accepted and (3) completed Room Assignment Request forms must be handed to the Receptionist at 1009 North Pebble Beach Blvd during the month of April, but not before 8 a.m., Wednesday, April 1.  Rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Document Shredding

 Free Document Shredding:  Bring all your papers to the Payant Financial Plaza building (next to the Chamber of Commerce in the SCC Plaza), on Thursday, April 16, between 3 and 6 pm.  The truck will be in their main parking lot, but inside there will be a wine-tasting party!  Sounds like a useful and good time to be had by all the day after tax day.

Someone to Talk With
      Jim Clarke lost his wife earlier this year.  It has been a very sad time for him.  Recently, however, he found a source of helpful information - "all meat and potatoes" as he put it without any fluff.  There is a real need he points out, to be with people who will just listen and let you get your grief story out.
     He'd like to form a men's Wellness Group that meets regularly for coffee. The primary goal would be helping guys alleviate some of the burden encountered during the grieving process which is varied and lengthy. The 2 basic ground rules would be, being willing to listen to others and share your story.  If you think a meaningful chat with Jim and others about what you have gone through, he would like to hear from you by email at  

Sun City Center Night at Tropicana Field !

The Sun City Center Men’s Chorus will sing the National Anthem at the Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox game on April 23rd. The Rays have announced this will be declared Sun City Center night at the game. One section has been reserved for Sun City Center attendees down the third base line, lower level. The Men’s Chorus has made arrangements for bus transportation and has tickets for sale. 
    For more information call; 319-481-7896 or 813-634-4110.

Book Donations

     When you go into the county library on 19th Avenue (“South Shore Regional Library”) you may have noticed a large cabinet in the lobby on your right with a slot for your donations of books. that support all the free programs put on by the Friends of the Library there.  Donations are tax deductible.   
     If you would like to support that work, just put your books (carefully) in that slot or, if you have them in a box, put them under the table just beside the donation cabinet.

/John Bowker

Aldi Is Coming to Town

Aldi is Coming to Town
      Joe LaForm of Ocean Blue Realty, Inc., that has been handling the sale(s) of properties at the corner of 674 and US-301.
He advised me that an Aldi Supermarket will be built on that southwest corner that runs all the way from the former Copper Penny restaurant property around to the Boggs Jewelry Store location.  
     One of the problems that has delayed this news has been the size and shape of that corner property. The county requires a retention pond for flood control these days, and in order to accommodate such a pond, they may need to cover it, perhaps just as the developer of the Regions Bank across 674 did for the pond between them and McDonalds in the Kings Crossing Plaza.   
     No schedule yet for new building; we will see a lot of demolition there first.

 Wawa Is Coming to Town

Wawa will be building on the corner right across US-301 from the new Aldi location; It will fill in the wooded area from 674 to the Advance Auto Parts store.

 And, in closing,

  • Yes, both of those properties are really in Wimauma .. but for 53 years Sun City Center has had interests in the Aldi corner .. so why change just as things are getting interesting.
  • A reader asked if book donations to the South Shore Regional Library are tax deductible.  Answer is yes; any one of the workers in the book sale room can give you the proper form.
John Bowker
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Hospital Expansion
South Bay to add 26 Rooms

     This is the latest artist’s rendition of changes now planned for our South Bay Hospital.  The expansion will be built over what is now the parking area in front of the existing building (shown as the back part of the building in this drawing).  A new parking lot will be built in the area now occupied by the Sun Hill Medical Center – that is the building just to the east of the hospital.  The existing Sun Hill building will be demolished to make room for that parking lot.
     I expect we will see work starting here in early May and I am told the new facility will be opened in August, 2016.  There will be no interruption in services at the hospital during construction.  When finished, South Bay Hospital will have 138 beds for patients.

John Bowker
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New Water Pipe to be Installed

     Hillsborough County will be installing 26,000 feet of 4 and 6 inch PVC pipe in Sun City Center in 2015.  This is due to new county standards for the spacing of hydrants. 173 new hydrants will be installed here and in the Villages of Cypress Creek in the next development to our west.
     The only areas of our community to be affected lie north of SR-674.  The work will start in January; this will involve marking many properties to indicate where there are existing pipes to be avoided.  The actual laying of new pipe will start shortly after and continue through the year with an expected finish in November. After that, testing and decontamination of the new pipes will take another 2-3 months. The old pipes will remain in place filled with sand or capped off.
    The new pipes will be located 3 feet below the ground surface and will be installed using a “horizontal trenching” technique to minimize the disturbance to the surface around peoples’ homes.  At each house, there will be a connection made from the new pipe to the water meter.  They will advise home owners “a couple of days in advance” before they come to disturb your property.  The house water will have to be cut off briefly for the installation.  They assure that any driveway blockage would be finished within one day. 
     Below is a map of Sun City Center showing where each of the new hydrants will be installed; you better know your way around town because the streets are not named on the county map.  Each little green dot is a new hydrant.